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Candice Gray began her insurance career in 1991 working for a national insurance carrier.  Her experience included medical and dental claim processing, and customer service.  She earned an award as one of the top ten providers of customer service for that company in the entire nation in 1992.  Soon after, she was promoted to a supervisory position.

In 1995 she took over supervisory responsibility for half of the regional self-funded clients of a national and global brokerage and consulting firm which provided third party administration services.  She then took the experiences from the administration side of the business to the sales and marketing side, and began handling service issues and benefit renewals for self-funded and fully-insured clients.

Eventually, Candice used her expertise to help existing and new clients choose the best benefits options for their employees, and focused on marketing.

In 2011, Candice saw an unfulfilled need in the marketplace.  Metro-area firms wanted to focus on metro-area, large clients.  Smaller companies in rural areas were not a priority, and were often underserviced.

C G Benefits Group was born out of a desire to bring national experience and success in building quality benefit packages to smaller Oklahoma companies and their employees.

"My focus is on the small entrepreneur and their employees.  Insurance is something that is, let's face it, a hassle to most small business owners.  You can get ten quotes from ten different brokers, and the numbers will be the same.  Choosing the broker/consultant that will represent you and your employees is not about quotes - it's about what that person brings to the table.  Are they focused on helping you meet your financial goals?  Do they also care about your employees' level of satisfaction with the benefits you provide?  Do they have experience in more than just sales?  How about service, carrier relationships, detailed analysis, claim payment?  Do they bring 20+ years of personal experience?  Can they communicate effectively to your employees?  Do they bring you anything extra?  These are all questions that every business owner should ask about their broker."

If you ask these questions and are not completely satisfied with the answers, please give us a call - we'll show you what we can do for you!

Candice A. Gray, ALHC, RHU                           

What do our clients and carriers say about us?

"I knew we would receive excellent service even though we are a small company." - Accounting Manager for a 30-life client

"Candice is always professional and provides her clients with the highest standard of service." - Account Executive - National Group Benefits Insurance Carrier

"Service level guarantees far exceed the previous agent of record.  We had an overall decrease in the cost of benefits, and a decrease in our administrative function personnel time.  We have greater employee satisfaction.  Candice always gives personalized, high quality service." - Vice President for a 400-life client

"Always knowledgeable...always detailed, accurate, timely, and responsive.  A great broker to partner with." - Account Executive - National Group Benefits Insurance Carrier

"...very knowledgeable and service is outstanding.  Candice has helped my employees with their insurance questions...she did a lot to correct my billing problems with the carriers from the previous agent...and did a fantastic job on our renewal this year." - Benefits Manager for a 50-life client
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